Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vesica Pisces of Earth and Air

I have been thinking about polarities a lot these days. The old habit of thinking in terms of "either/or" is breaking down and is being replaced with "both/and". Can you feel it?

This piece is a second interpretation of the "Harmony and Balance" piece I did a few weeks ago. I was exploring the idea of how to represent the conjunction of two complimentary but opposite energies. Here I am using Earth and Air-or the idea of spaciousness... and the place where they meet becomes activated with the "both/and-ness" of the combination and also becomes something entirely different.

What I like best about this piece (besides the very magical splash of sunlight at just the right moment) was how each world (represented by the circles) is so completely and utterly themselves, and rather homogenized. The earth element hints at crystals and density, structure and weight. The Air element is wide open and yet, without that edge, would not even be noticeable/definable...such is the way of Air. But where they meet something else entirely different is formed and is taking shape. Something with life, AND Chaos too...but also a world opening up new and fresh...dynamic and full of creativity and wonder, with it's own center of vital life force and multiple attributes of expression. I like how this image holds all these varied ideas in quiet beauty.

Today, for those of you who follow the stars, is a big day. There is a similar conjunction happening in our very skies (and perhaps in our own psyches too?) A coming together of powerfully positive and innovative energies and they are meeting on brand new fresh territory. The heavens are showing us that all things are possible, that a Great Awakening is in progress and that the place where the Alchemy of change occurs is right in our very own hearts.

I hope that this day holds something wonderfully magical, inspiring and unexpected for you today!

And to celebrate this new beginning I am almost ready to unveil a new way for you to get my images in prints! I've been listening to those of you who kindly answered my poll and I've partnered with my favourite Giclee printer and they are going to host my work in their online gallery! I'm getting it all ready and hope to have it all up and active very soon, by the time of the Summer Solstice, hopefully. Watch this space for the announcement, and for those of you who are signed up to get my newsletter, I'll be sending an announcement out via that network once the gallery is up and running.

I won't go into the details right now, but I am very excited to finally be able to offer you exceptionally high quality prints thru an online gallery. Let's just say that I've listened to your responses to my poll and I've tried to tailor the selections so that everyone should find something that they like. And if they don't they can always email me and we'll get it custom made!

So enjoy the new energies that are opening up for us now. Dream big! And go for it... now is the time to really look into your heart and ask yourself, what do you really want to do with the time that is given? And take the first step in that direction !


Karisha Solomon said...

I have just discovered your work and think it is wonderful. I will be a life long follower.

Bonnie K said...

Another beautiful creation...and wonderful insights and wisdom on the times we are living in right now.

I, too, have felt the energies welling up inside me and am impassioned to create from the heart. In fact, my spirit guides are leading me onto a completely new path with my tapestry weaving - incorporating new elements that I never would have thought of using. It will require listening deeply to my inner Spirit and trusting whole heartedly.

Yes Sally, it IS an exciting time we are in right now!

Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist said...

Dear Karisha and Bonnie,

Thank you so very much! I am very much looking forward to getting back out in the field, so to speak. I've been focusing so much on marketing lately that I've not been able to be out in nature...and when that happens I feel so disconnected from something essential and nourishing. Having comments like yours really do help me get back on track and help me stay inspired...thank YOU soooo much!


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