Monday, July 26, 2010

Circular Thymes

The problem with not posting more frequently is there is too much to try and say once I finally do get here. But then, in the end, we are all hearing so much these days, sometimes the input from all directions is overwhelming... and I certainly do not want to add to anyone's sense of overwhelm.

Two weeks ago was the big solar eclipse event. I set out to try and make some work with those energies yet I did not quite know where this would happen. I sat at a waterfall and asked for guidance and received a tremendous download of information that I am still processing. I also received guidance that it was time to work with Time, "circular time" was what I received as part of the information download. I knew right where to go. A gorgeous bed of flowering thyme (rather rare for our area) was in full bloom. The fact that it happened to be next to and part of a cemetery made it even more perfect as I contemplated the cosmic events that were unfolding in the skies above and in the collective (whether it was aware of it or not), and pondering the Mysteries of Life and Death and all sorts of circles of movements and creation.
As I arrived at the place there were few other materials to work with, but all the thyme one could wish for. (yes, the Time/Thyme jokes were rampant in my head as I worked in this location, please bear with me). I always marvel at how the deep conscious mind can guide us and show us things... unexpected things. I had imagined I would make some spirals as these are the form I am most interested in with my sculptural work. But as I worked, feeling in to the eclipse that was in progress as I knelt in the fragrant flowers, it was impossible to make a spiral... for the energy of the moment was all about the conjunction of circles and that is what came out.
Few flowers exhibit more fractal components than Queen Anne's Lace flowers, and they were in abundance at the time and near the thyme, so naturally, they came into the mix. The tiny yellow Birdsfoot looked like miniature solar coronas glowing in the deep purple fields, so of course, they had to be there. and the fern fronds reminded me of the great spiral arms of far distant galaxies. There were also some pure white star-like flowers that were shown to me, but their numbers were few, so I could only collect a small handful to use. And finally, the purple harebells, well, they are just simply gorgeous with their fragile trumpets calling in the Violet ray of transcendent healing, so of course, they had to be there as well. And that was all that was shown to me in terms of materials on hand to create a sculpture, so, simplicity seemed to be in the winds for the day.

I am so amazed that these simple sculptures held such a distilled essence of the moment, at least they do for me. These came directly from an impulse to try and feel into the energies of a celestial event, a cosmically orchestrated moment, and celebrate in whatever simple or profound way I could... with Nature as literally bring the heavenly impulses down into the earth plane... that was my calling. It was fun to try.

I wonder if circles are going to be more a part of my works now. As a symbol they certainly are most powerful... but there are other environmental sculptors out there who specialize in circle making and they do a fabulous job of it, so I am reluctant to put too much focus in that direction. But when it comes right down to it, Nature informs what I do. So, we will all just have to wait to see what is in store in terms of directives from the True design department! :-)

There are two circle-making artists I would like to highlight at this time. One is a team from New Zealand. A husband and wife team, and I've admired their work ever since I first saw it when I had the deep pleasure to visit that country 5 years ago. Here is their URL:

..And the other circle-makers I'd like to share with you are not human, though they are highly sensitive and intelligent beings, obviously. You probably think I'm going to send you to a crop circle site and go on about all the amazing creations that are happening this summer in the fields of Europe and especially England. But no.

For these circle-makers are true magicians of their art form. They work without hands and they sculpt air. Into circles. Get ready to be amazed:

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