Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Faerie Thyme

With all the heat lately, it is beginning to feel like the Mediterranean here. And, as happens when we start dreaming about something, soon it appears! This fragrant location was the perfect spot for a house I've been working on for weeks in my studio. So I finally finished it up and yes indeed, it looked right at home on this sun-drenched bank of flowering wooly Thyme. I had to be careful not to step on any honeybees while I was taking the photos!

A special word about studio constructions. Sometimes a house needs to built over many days or weeks. When the weather is not going to allow this, I build the piece in the studio. This gives me a lot more control over the design, which is a fun direction to take sometimes.

This house has 3 lattice windows with gauzy curtains and round door similar to Hobbit house doors. There is also a solarium on the south side of the house and a few mossy gardens tucked into the Thyme hillside to give the Faeries a place to relax and drink in the amazing fragrance.

I know my fans have been waiting for me to get back to showing new creations. I hope this makes up for the long delay. Thanks for your patience!

Next up: Eclipse spiral art!


geni said...

Oh my..it is gorgeous!!
SO worth waiting for.
Thank you for this lovely treat :)

Bonnie K said...

Welcome back!! A lovely creation - and I bet the scent was wonderful as you stepped among the thyme. Love the hobbit-style door.

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