Friday, July 9, 2010

Melting of a different kind

Greetings Everyone, so sorry for the long delay between posts. It has been a time of family visiting and lots of technical details in the publishing areas of my work. Pomegranate and I just did the final reviews for the 2012 calendar and I'm very pleased with it. Additionally, they just sent me the first sample copies of the 2011 calendar and that one looks awesome too, so I've literally been counting the days and weeks ahead! I've also completed my images and information for my online gallery pages. Now we are just waiting for them to be uploaded and to go "live". You, dear readers, will be the first to find out about that event when it happens!
I will also be announcing a big sale shortly on prints that I have in stock and that I will be selling at reduced rates. With the online gallery coming into being, I am going to stop doing shows and gallery sales for a wee while and see how the online version does. Without an actual brick and boards gallery to support, those prices will be the lowest possible for those who want to get my art. I took your feedback from the polls into consideration and have created a range of images and prices that should make everyone happy. Meanwhile, I have stock here that really should be getting into the hands of those who might love to have some of my work on their walls, so a big sale will be announced shortly! Please stay tuned!

As you probably all know, we in the eastern US have been enduring a rather serious heat wave. We have not had one of these for many years and so those of us who live without air conditioned environments are finding it somewhat challenging. I'm someone who would rather learn to live with the cold than the heat so this time of intense concentration at the computer and with family (in various bodies of water) has meant that not a lot of construction out of doors has been going on. So I send you an image from a few summers ago... the full moon rising over the eastern landscape of Vermont's green hills, framed by a portal made of reeds and feathers. A cool view towards potent times.

The weather is supposed to break this week-end and I am looking forward to getting back out there and making creations. I've scouted some lovely locations and hope to be visiting them very soon.

Thank you, everyone who wrote recently... I am sorry I got so far behind in my replies... I will try to catch up shortly. Have a deep and connecting time this week-end. There is a solar eclipse happening and for many these are times of deep tides and waves in the emotional realms. Time to get out the surfboards and catch a ride on the waves!

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