Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hazel Leaf house revisited

With all the heavy lifting going on in the products development part of my working days it seems the actual fun of getting out and making Faerie houses has been sorely missing from my days this summer. But for us here in the Adirondacks, we've had a long period of drying out and the woods were looking a bit parched when I went out last week on a scouting run.

We've just had a bit of rain and more is expected this week. Perhaps it will give the mosses a chance to freshen up... like in years past when the abundant rains produced abundant moss, such as in this photo.

I've had to cut back to posting here to just once a week or so. Too many irons in the various fires at the moment... but as always, I will post here first with any new developments and announcements. I'm going to leave the print sale going for a wee bit longer as a few customers are still trying to decide which images to get, but it will be coming down by August 10th.

I may dig through my archives and share some images from summers past... there are so many images I've not yet shared, it's becoming a bit difficult to keep track ! Stay tuned ! :-)

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