Friday, July 30, 2010

The finish line is in sight!

As some of you may know, I've been working very hard on putting together a new product line, one I am very excited to finally share with you. After much research and many painful hours of whittling down the selections, I've come to the final winners.... 36 images out of the over 350 images from the past 3 years of work have made the final cut to become the first of my new Greenspirit Arts Greeting Card line!

It was very important to me to be able to offer a large variety of images of the starting gate. But I have two groups of fans to satisfy, those who prefer my Faerie House, and those who like my "Eartherial" environmental sculptures, so I settled on three groups of 6 for each "genre" of my work.

It was also very important to me personally that the product line had to be manufactured using environmentally sustainable materials and practises. That part took a great deal of time to locate, but I am very happy with
the wonderful printing company that I've found. They use recycled paper that is really nicely finished so you can't even tell that is is recycled. But the best part is they are 100% wind-powered and they have worked to offset their carbon footprint in every way that they can so they are now able to use the Terra-pass approval seal on all their products because they are a very green company. And they make GREAT cards!

The final challenge for me was to find a way to package the cards that was environmentally responsible. It was impossible to find packaging that did not cost an arm and a leg or involve plastic...but eventually I found a solution and while this part is still a work still in progress, I have found a packaging system that is biodegradable and yet attractive and simple. So, it is all coming together, at last!

Now I can give you a sneak peek at what I will be able to offer very shortly. As mentioned, there will be 6 different "collections" of cards. Each collection will have six different cards in them (with envelopes of course). You will not be able to substitute individual cards from one collection to another, but at the same time, you won't have to buy a box of 12 or 20 cards either. You can get just one collection of 6 if that is all you want. And there are no boxes to throw out and no plastic covers either. Just biodegradable envelopes which will hold the 6 cards and envelopes of each collection. As time goes on, more collections will be added, but to get things rolling, there will be these six different collections to start. It was very hard to narrow down the choices, but I hope Ive picked images that will everyone will find joy in buying, and sharing with their friends. After all, these cards are for giving and sharing.

I'm now working with my webdesigner, a wonderful woman named Jennifer ( who put together my DVD page on - my actual website), and we are going to be building an online ordering page there so you'll be able to get your cards directly from me. So, the finish line is in sight now, and while I have not quite crossed over it yet, I can see it and I'm feeling really excited to share this next step with you, my fans, friends and supporters from all over the world. And while this is happening, the online gallery is just about to become live too so several things have been happening all at once... which is why I have not been able to be out in the field very much these past few weeks and months!

So here are the preliminary catalog pages for my new line of Greeting cards. I share them here so you can see what I've been putting together and perhaps think about what you may want to order once the system goes online. I will of course announce it in my newsletter and here on the blog... but my blog readers are getting the first glimpse of the new cards.
Here they are... enjoy!
(Click on the page for a bigger view)

These are the Faerie House collections:

And this will be the Eartherial collections:

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Erika M said...

Hey! I've been so absent lately, but still sneak in to read your blog because you and your creations are just so beautiful and inspiring!
I wanted to say Congrats! on the cards! I took a look and the images and collections look lovely. And that company sounds wonderful! That's so cool to have found them.

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