Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Brookwater Pavilion

Autumn is coming to the Adirondacks. We cannot be in denial any longer... summer is over.

Time to treasure the last few forays into the deep forest before all becomes drenched in the golden light of Birch, Beech and Maple leaves on fire with their last hurrah.

Last week, when the air was still and hot and steamy, (for just 2 days) I took a trip up my new favourite bit of mossy magic and found a lovely pool just waiting for a wee house. Arched bridges bring the eye rock-hopping from the far side of the pool, across mysterious depths to this Japanese style open pavilion. The pavilion sits on stilts in the icy waters and has large openings in the walls to give grand views of the tumbling brook upstream.

I love how the rock that forms the island appears to be floating in the long-exposure image. I think I shall try to play with this concept in a few other creations before the water becomes unbearable to work in anymore. But already it numbs the feet and hands.

Good thing making the art warms the soul!

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Bonnie K said...

The perfect spot for an autumn get-away! What bliss for wee little ones!

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