Sunday, September 12, 2010

Deep Green - Floating Stone #7

At the end of the day yesterday (I was shooting a new Faerie House which I will share with you very soon) I ran out of enough daylight to make and shoot a second sculpture. The days really are getting shorter now, especially when you are in the mountain valleys with high peaks all around. So I wandered upstream.

In my backpack I carry a stone. Yeah, I know... backpacks are heavy enough as it is, or at least mine is all loaded up with camera gear. But I have been carrying around this particular stone for most of this summer. I knew it was going to be part of the "Floating Stone" series I just didn't know when or where. The stone is one I collected on the South Island of New Zealand and it is very smooth and heavy. It is possibly a pale turquoise version of the famous green jade used in the Maori carvings. It doesn't really matter. It's just a very beautiful stone polished by years and years of turbulent living in it's own world. When I found this pool, even though the sun was long gone from reaching into the deep ravine, I knew this was the spot to "float" the New Zealand egg stone. The lack of direct light actually helped it to come out even better than I had hoped.

This very damp, dark and magical glen is full of such pools and mossy places and the Faerie energy is very strong here, but very wild too. I found several places where other little Faerie houses had been made by someone. Sweet little offering that already were being reclaimed by the earth. I hope to get back up here a few more times before the snows fly and do some more creations and installations.

Next up will either be the very elaborate Dogwood and Pine Faerie house or the Fern Pavilion in the stream... I have to process both images and I don't know which one to share next!

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