Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Secret Walled Faerie Garden, at last!

Time to see what is on the other side of the door to the secret Faerie Garden !!

As I peered over the wall now I could see all the amazing colours and secret delights that were just on the other side of the door! The door was still open a crack and the golden light from outside poured through the diamond shaped window into the garden.
A delicate spiral stone path led down from the door and up to a gorgeous tuffet of pale green moss. The flowers were a riot of colour and texture! I could see three tiny Faerie sized seating areas arranged in a circle around the moss. The seats were Milkweed pods with tiny cushions of yellow flowers places inside each one. And there was even a Milkweed pod sleeping nook high above the garden. It's hard to see from this angle, so here is a better view.

Now you can see all of the seats and the hanging sleeping nook. It was easy to imagine a group of faeries getting together for a cup of tea in their secret garden after putting their tiny Faerie babies up in the pod for a nap. :-)

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So much is happening now. Summer is coming to a close. The cricket song is almost too loud in the warm evening air. The past few days we've had unusually hot and steamy weather. I've been able to be working in the cool forests and have some more delights to share with you soon. Thanks to a helpful hint from a friend, I've found a new glen full of enchanting pools and tiny waterfalls. So much fun to work around and with but the sun is incredibly fleeting now. While working up in the mountains is delightful, the window of good, useable light for getting good photos is getting smaller and shorter now. I've even seen some red and orange leaves. Autumn will be here before we know it. So the push is on now to get out there and create as much as I can while it is still warm and somewhat green. All this creative work will hopefully be worth the wait! Stay tuned!!


Bonnie K said...

What a joy and delight! Wish i were teeny-tiny.

Yes, autumn is around the corner...we see signs of it here in western NY...leaves turning, leaves falling, the night air has changed (even in this mini burst of intense heat), etc. Seeing summer begin her departure and autumn being her arrival is nothing to be sad about. It is all part of the journey. We take with us the memories of summer and eagerly look to the unknown possibilities of autumn, all while focusing on this precious moment, called NOW.

Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist said...

Thank you Bonnie!

Yes, being in the NOW is so important these days! One of the things I love about the creative process is how all the other "stuff" just sort of falls away when one is focused on a project and the NOW-ness just becomes all there is. I love that experience when you step outside of time and into the flow of creativity in action. I'm sure you as a weaver know what I mean !! :-)



Bonnie K said...

Oh my yes, Sally, I certainly do know of what you are saying. I, too, love the creative process where Spirit is able to speak directly to us and we are able to respond in a way we never imagined. In that moment we are transported to a place so wonderful, so beautiful, where time (as we humans know and define it) is non-existent..and we are blessed immensely, thus blessings others and the universe.

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