Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Big Still, Floating Stone #6

We are all now poised.
Together on an edge.
Awaiting... something.

Some are waiting for the New Moon to arrive.

Some are waiting for the New Year to arrive.

Some are waiting to see if they can move back into their homes.

Some are waiting to hear if they even have homes to go back to.

All is hushed as we all wait, feeling all alone, yet...
together we wait.

Today I felt overwhelmed with the waves of grief and sadness that seem to be hitting so many of my dear friends in very far corners of the world. Friends in New Zealand and Colorado. What can I possibly do from here for them? Not much, it felt like.

But perhaps, I can try to take these feelings and bring them to the Earth, as an offering of sorts... it is all I can do. So this stone was chosen. This pool I had found a few weeks back. I had planned to return on a brilliant blue day to catch the sky and clouds in the pool... but this offering needed to hold the sense of stillness and waiting. Yet also it makes a respectful bow, to that strength that comes from deep within and a prayer of gratitude to the Grace which which holds us up through such loss.. a seemingly impossible gift which always comes when most needed.

Prayers go out to all people everywhere who are dealing with loss these days and who are awaiting a fresh, new beginning. Perhaps tomorrow can be that fresh start we all are leaning into.

Blessings of Love and Light to All


Bonnie K said...

Well said, Sally. So much sadness and grief in this world, and yet so much hope and Light to look forward to.

Jennifer Star said...

So beautiful, so peaceful, a perfect representation of the As Above, So Below energies that are meeting in The Center right now. Divine Timing, Sacred Marriage, New Beginnings...

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