Saturday, October 9, 2010

At long last, two new projects to announce!

I've gotten feedback from some of my supporters that they wanted to see other calendar options in addition to the Faerie Houses calendar published by Pomegranate. Many who spoke to me requested images from my "Eartherial" sculptures. I was very pleased to hear this feedback because I personally love these sculptures and there were dozens and dozens of images just waiting to be shared. The hardest part was narrowing down the selections to just 12 images (per calendar)!

So, thru Lulu I've created two more standard-sized calendars for 2011. One design is a collection of just Spiral imagery thru the seasons. The other is a collection of images I am calling "Sacred Portals".

Both will be available in Lulu NEXT WEEK. I have completed both projects and am just awaiting the test proofs before releasing them to the public. For the moment, I can at least show you the covers. When the proofs arrive and if everything looks good, I'll announce them here and over in my website and give you direct links so you can see all the images on the inside. For now, I'll just tease you a little with the covers!

Here they are:

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