Monday, October 4, 2010

Mossybank House

A sweet little discovery along the banks of the Ausable river in the deep mountains. This entrance-way is a grand statement for some well-to-do Faeries. Pinecone "shingles" top the porch roof and windows. Red dogwood branches make a colourful and grand entryway. A knot from an ancient birch tree has been transformed into the round door. The windows have willow twig work reminiscent of Celtic knotwork patterns. Dogwood leaves make beautiful green curtains to give the occupants a wee bit of privacy.

A curved bridge delivers visitors to the native stone steps, or take the occupants down to the river for boating and swimming. A lovely, peaceful location full of charm and delight.

Sadly, all may have been washed away in the tremendous flooding we had this past week. I will be returning to this site later this week and we shall see how the torrential rains may have transformed this location, or if it has survived. Stay tuned!

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