Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Look !!

Welcome to the new layout for my blog.

It was time to update the look and bring it closer to my website's design. 

This little jewel of a doorway was created very recently. I found a place that had about 20 different kinds of moss in one small area. It was so tempting to try and fit them all into this one shot, but not all of them made it in. The sun is at such a low angle now that shooting in the forest has become quite challenging because there are almost always shadows cast by the bare trees. The eye edits them out without thinking about it when you are in the woods, but the camera sees all!! Sometimes I have to wait for quite awhile until the shadows of distant trees  move past the sculpture. All part of the seasonal attunements we all must make.

Hope you like the new look for the blog.

1 comment:

Bonnie K said...

Looks great, Sally! I agree that it brings continuity to your website. Blessings as you continue on your journey. And thanks for blessing us along the way!

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