Friday, October 29, 2010

Faerie House with the golden door

The last flowers of autumn in our area are the field Asters. Lovely shades of soft purple, lavender, and smoky violet. In the forest, the last mushrooms are popping up in huge quantities, thanks to all the rain. The cushion moss is exceptionally bright also because of the rain and the extra daylight that is finally able to reach the forest floor now that the leaves are down. All the leaves that is except for the Beech trees. They are still making their transformations from green, to gold to bronze and copper.

In the forest small mounds of bright green moss which cover the remnants of old logging stumps are now easy to find against the freshly fallen leaves. They make perfect little houses for the Wee Ones. This one is decorated in all the finest bits that late autumn has to offer.

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Welcome to the enchanted world of Environmental art and Faerie Houses sculptures created by Sally J Smith. Here you will find photos of the artist's unique art-forms and hear some of the stories from behind the scenes as she shares with you her creative process.