Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kickstarter report and Faerie House prizes!

The Kickstarter project is going very well so far. For those who don't know, I'm using a website called Kickstarter to raise funds to produce the first hardcover, limited edition book of my work. The response has been amazing and humbling, to say the least!! You can click on the title link for this blog entry or you can click on the new image to the right in the nav bar to see the video about the project and read about the rewards program for those who want to support the project. We are just over 30% funded which is awesome but we still have a long ways to go and the goal MUST be met by the deadline or the book won't happen, so even if you can't pledge what would really help is for you to tell your friends about this project. We really need to spread the word now to get more people who want one of my books to come and pledge. Think of it as a pre-order, just like they do in Amazon and all those big publishers. This is the same thing.

To help entice more people to become backers of the project, I've created two adorable little Faerie House cottages that will be given away to two lucky supporters in a drawing that will happen after the project ends successfully. I will put all the supporters names who pledged $5 or more to the project into a magic pot and a small friend has agreed to help me pull two names out to determine who will be the lucky winners! ANYone who has contributed at the $5 and above level to this project will be eligible. And... EACH additional pledge by any one donor will be entered as separate entries, so you can increase your odds of winning with multiple pledges! The two winners will be notified by email after the close of the fund-raising portion of this project.

Each house features a felted roof and an enchanting little tea light inside the house that glows
softly and changes from one colour to the next cycling thru 7 different colours. VERY magical! Each house has a door that opens and two lovely wee windows. You can peek inside and imagine tiny Faeries having tea or dancing lessons in the wee cottages. They would make perfect gifts for any young person or those who are young at heart. The cottages can also be personalized on the bottom if you like. Here on this blog I'll show the cottages in single view but if you want to see more views click HERE for the first cottage and HERE for the second one.

Here are the cottages that will be given away to two lucky people who back my project:

Cottage # 1 the one with the swirling roof

And cottage # 2 the one with the purple spiral motif on the roof.

So please do tell your friends about the Kickstarter book project and sign up. For a $5 pledge (or more if you can) you could win one of these houses!

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