Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lots of News

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope everyone had a very peaceful and relaxing holiday break, whatever your traditions may be. Things have been really rich and full here but we've had a surprise thaw and all the lovely ice that I had been planing to work with is now melted and gone! It's absolutely astonishing how quickly things warmed up and melted. Winter is just not like it used to be here. But cold is returning and hopefully in another week or so, the icicles will have a chance to form again. They were lovely.

I will be posting lots of news this week so do check back often. I'll have an updated report on my Kickstarter project ( we have reached 30% of the goal!! YAY!!!) and news about two more Faerie House prizes I will be giving away to two lucky supporters if the project is successfully funded. Click HERE if you want a sneak peek. And I also have a really fun project that I did over the holidays that was a pure, creative experiment... but you'll have to wait to hear more about that, but it involves rocks and felt! I also will have more photos from the inside of the fancy Faerie House I just
finished a few weeks ago. A glimpse under the roof, so to speak. All of that will be coming this week... but for now, I'll share one sculpture that turned out to be the last one for 2010.

This is a subtle piece that may not translate well in this small format. The big snowstorm that came thru here during the holidays did not bring much snow for us, but did bring a lot of wind. Along one road, amazing snow sculptures were formed by the winds. This one was just like a wave the surfers look for in the ocean... breaking and curling and frozen in mid-break. It had amazing detail inside the curl that was made just by the winds. I wanted to do something that celebrated this beautiful creation without interfering too much with what was already there. So I scouted around for more inspiration.

What really interested me were some stems of Goldenrod that I found in a nearby meadow. They had gall formations on them that made beautiful, round forms on and of the stems. I found a whole corner of a meadow that was full of these strange baubles. The colour was a rich mahogany brown which is hard to see in this image. I saw that they made great shadows and was now I had an idea and was ready to try working with the snow-wave.

I placed the trimmed gall stems along the crescent edge of the snow wave and was really pleased with the lovely knobby shadows that formed. I took several shots but liked these that came at the end of the shoot the best because the shadow extended down, broke and encircled the other mysterious snow cave that was also created by the wind. The sun was intensely bright and the snow was glittering with sparkling rainbows of colour... which the human eyes can see but sadly, my digital camera cannot, at least not to the same degree! Still, the day was gorgeous, even if a bit cold and blustery. But all this snow is now a recent memory. We will have to start over here and hope for more of the white stuff soon.

So, check back later this week... there is a lot of news to share!!

Happy New Year!!!

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