Monday, January 10, 2011

Taking a Moment

I had planned to write a posting today about some news and projects I'm working on... but given the waves of deep feelings that are rippling through the collective right now, it feels appropriate to hold off on that for a few days.

Instead.. a tribute.

To Compassion
To Courage
To Hope.

And hopefully learning from our mistakes. Blessings on those who have journeyed on and blessings on those who grieve their departure, and blessings on those who remain in-between.

And blessings to all beings who are suffering, which includes pretty much everyone on some level or another.

May Grace, Courage, Hope and Peace come to all hearts everywhere who are in need of comfort and healing.

Blessed Be.

1 comment:

Valerianna said...

So be it! Yes... seems time to feel into our courage and dream peace, really NOW!

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