Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Spirit of Play and a Lulu update

Ok, business first: I've just learned that Lulu is once again offering a substantial sale on calendars. For those who want to order a few more, there is a 30% off sale on now until Saturday, the 15th. To get 30% off just put " SEASON305 " in the coupon code box on the "confirm order" page. 30% is a very nice discount from Lulu. They probably won't do this again this season, though they might do 20 or 25% down the road. So if you wanted more calendars, here is one instance where procrastination does pay! :-)

Now, on to the Spirit of Play. You might think that anyone who makes Faerie houses already gets enough play in her life. Well, every now and then I like doing something that is just about trying something new and expressive. Over the Holiday break I got into playing with wool a bit more and decided to felt some rocks.

Yes, felted rocks.

Instead of trying to describe them, I'd better just show the results:


I have had such fun with these! I want to make a whole collection of them. I find that working with the needle felting process is incredibly meditative and centering. It has a lot of similar qualities to throwing clay on a wheel ( making pottery on a turning wheel with wet clay). But the colours and textures are just so luscious to work with, especially this time of year when all is white, blue and dark green outside. I also appreciated the chance to do some pure creative play, not knowing what the results might be since I had never worked with the medium before. It feels really good to try new things. To step outside your comfort zone and into a new world of discovery. Maybe there is something you've always wanted to try but have not been able to carve out the time... if so, maybe a felted rock might give you a boost to take the leap!

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