Monday, January 17, 2011

What is your sign?

We have all kinds of signs here !! The morning sun rose on a fat inch of very fluffy snow. The chance to join the snowdance was irresistible. Almost as good as coffee in terms of the "wake up" effect !

With the party over it was time to clean up. Out came the broom and away went the flakes... those that could get away. This effect surprised and delighted, and it got me thinking about how could one work with this process to create an interesting sculpture...

So we all came in to meditate on the idea and see what we might come up with. We are still contemplating.

Meanwhile, at long last I can begin to report on the book project. We are now less than a month away yet only 37% funded. A walk of Faith and trust, big time. So many wonderful friends and supporters have stepped up and made their pledges and I am so grateful to each and every one.... and I feel the weight of disappointing them if this does not get funded by the deadline, so there is a bit of tension creeping into the days now as the countdown continues.

My backers will be receiving a detailed update later today about how it is going and what I am doing now in the studio in terms of working on the book itself. It's a strange combination of hi-tech and low tech methods that work for me but would probably drive other people crazy, but as I say, it works for me.

Sculpture projects have been back-burnered the last two weeks because a) the weather has not been very conducive and b) I've had several big other projects that have needed my attention. And then there has been the snow that needed plowing, and wood that needed stacking. :-) Life is never dull here! But so many wonderful projects are taking shape and when I can tell you about them, I will. Also, this week, I will make some announcements about upcoming public events (for my local friends) so do come back later to see what is up ahead!

Meanwhile, get out there and do your snow dances!!

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Valerianna said...

Hi Sally, good luck funding your project, wishing you surprise abundance. Thanks for stopping by RavenWood and leaving such an enthusiastic comment, yes, similar flavor our lives have!

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