Saturday, February 26, 2011

Greenspirit Arts and the PBS shoot

Here we are getting ready for the Ice castle filming!

Derek Muirden, Senior Producer, and J.Scott Parker, videographer for Mountain Lake PBS are preparing the second camera on a dolly. We were so blessed to have a sparkling blue day, but it was cold in the morning. There was a small bit of pressure because we knew the sun was tracking quickly and soon would be on the castle and we needed to be ready for the moment. I know this creative tension really well. But in the end, all went perfectly and as it turned out, we had plenty of time to get all the shots we needed.
But all this excitement is part of the creative process, and when you do get the light captured well, it makes it all so worthwhile!

Here Derek is shooting close-ups of the Ice castle... I can't wait to see his footage. They are both excellent cameramen. They were both very respectful of trying to stay just in the path, but eventually, in order to get better shots we had to work outside the path. Fortunately, the snow had firmed up and we didn't sink in too deeply. It was such a treat for me to be able to share my work with people right after it was made... this is a very rare event for me. Usually I'm just off in the woods by myself.

Here J. Scott sets up another shot with a different camera. I want to apologize to him.. I forgot my mic was on and he had to listen to Derek and I chatter back and forth while he was trying to get his shot... my apologies!

Later that evening, as the sun set behind the High Peaks, I was able to catch the last rays as they were caught in the panes of the Ice Castle... it was lovely and still.... but cold!

Even later, as twilight gathered, I put some candles in the sculpture and snapped a few more photos. I absolutely love this time of night.

Later that evening, a pack of Coyotes visited the site and one or two individuals even came right up to the path we had been all walking on earlier. I could not see how many were there, but soon they all broke into a chorus of yips and howls RIGHT here! It was amazing to have their song to finish off a very magical day!!

Thanks so much to Derek and J. Scott. They made the whole process very enjoyable and put me at ease right from the get-go. I have to say, this was a HUGE stretch for me because normally I am very shy and do most of my work totally alone. It was a real treat to have these two consummate professionals here creating what we all hope (and I'm sure will be) a memorable and delightful segment on their program. I will be sure to let you know what the air date and time will be, and how to find the link once it goes up on the Mountain Lake PBS website.

I have more news for tomorrow!!

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Valerianna said...

Wow, Sally, this piece is spectacular! I bet the pbs segment will be, too! Congratulations on that. It was nice having you over for a visit to RavenWood. Abundant blessings, Valerianna

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