Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's all about perspective

It has been very challenging to get outside to make any sculptures lately. But today I discovered I had 45 minutes of free time after running my errands. Was it enough time to "do" anything?

I went looking for ice. It was brutally cold with a fierce north wind. I was not properly dressed but I didn't care. I went right down to the waters edge and found these jewel-like bits of ice right along the water's edge. I managed to fish a few out of the freezing water. The sun was disappearing fast and I knew I had only about 10 more minutes of daylight. I took my ice baubles and drove up to a place that has a commanding view of both the east and the west and found a very un-glamorous place to position the ice. It was about minus 15 with the windchill and my wet pants were frozen stiff. But the light thru the ice was fantastic!

After the sun actually set, there was a brief moment when it was still illuminating a distant mountain to the east. It was fun to just shift to the other side of the ice to get a completely different experience. The nearly-full moon insisted it wanted to be in the frame as well.

Sometimes you only have a few free moments... the important thing is, what are we going to do with those moments?
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