Friday, September 30, 2011

We're all going Batty tomorrow!

Tomorrow, OCTOBER 1st, the Pumpkin Tour for the Bats begins!!

Do you remember the story about the boy and the starfish? (there are many versions)
A young boy walking with his father on the beach encounter a mass stranding of starfish. Hundreds of thousands of them, washed up on the beach and dying.
The father, wanting to spare his son the painful reality tries to turn him around, but the child walks up and starts to toss the stranded starfish back into the water.
His father objects... "You can't possibly be serious? It won't matter what you do... there is only one of you and too many of them. It won't make any difference." the father laments.

The boy smiles, holds up a starfish and gently tosses it back into the waves...."It made a difference to THAT one!" he says.

The terrible epidemic that is infecting bats, called White nose syndrome is a similar story. If you don't know about this mysterious and spreading disease, you can click HERE to find out more. If you'd like to read about one woman's rescue story of how she "made a difference" to one very lucky little bat you can click HERE.

And if you'd like to see some crazy and creative artists all celebrating the Halloween season and doing their bit for bat conservation, you can join us starting October 1st on the virtual studio tour! I've been given a sneak peek and there are a lot of talented and creative doll makers and other artists showing off their work, studios and scary selves (in costumes, of course) for this fun event. You can click on the poster above and it should take you directly to the tour. If that doesn't work, here is the URL :

When you take the tour you'll find all kinds of spooky diversions and tid-bits to enjoy along with all the artist's work. Be sure to collect all the hidden letters to de-code the secret message to be entered into the Creaking door prize drawing. We hope you'll come, find something you like and support the artists AND support the bats. I'll be there in one of the glowing pumpkins... see you there!!!


Valerianna said...

Wonderful... and your little leaf cottage is beautiful!

Janet said...

I found out about you through the bat link, as I am a member of BCI. Thank you for participating in the fundraiser! I just ordered a DVD, and will probably order more as gifts. The you tube clip was breathtaking.

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