Wednesday, September 21, 2011

YOU are invited!!!

I have a very special event to invite you to!!
Starting on October 1st you will be able to visit a wonderfully whimsical, surprisingly scary, and gleefully ghoulish online studio tour! The site is being organized by a wonderful woman, Karen Waschinski, and it is all for a GREAT cause; Bat conservation.

You can click on the image and get to the website but the studio tour page is not yet available. For the actual tour, you will have to wait till October 1st.

Karen gave me a quick peek and I can tell you she's done an amazing job of creating a very fun adventure for visitors. Basically, there is a fanciful map, with "trails" and glowing Jack-o-lantern pumpkins along the trails. Each pumpkin represents an artist's "studio" created specially for this event which you can visit. There are also a LOT of extra fun features: recipes, Halloween decoration tips, history lessons, and a few hidden contests as well as a wonderful door prize! It costs nothing to take the tour, but we hope people will come and support the artists who have all already made modest contributions to Bat conservation.

Here in the Northeast we have seen a huge decline in our native bat populations and I am seeing the results personally in the forests here. There are tons more mosquitoes than I've ever seen before and I'm sure the loss of bats is part of the picture.

In my "studio" I will be showing a brand new Faerie House for the first time... the Golden Birch Faerie house. It is a darling, and one of my personal favourites.
I'll give you a sneak peek here... plus you'll see 2 new sets of greeting cards appropriate for the season. And you'll see two of my previous houses, now for sale and retrofitted with amazing battery-powered micro lights. The lights make the houses even more magical!

So visit the link for the studio tour , bookmark it and get ready for a lot of fun. The artists are all contributing creations that have a Halloween or fantasy type theme. Many are doll and toy makers so it will be step into a very different universe... a "dark and scary" one, suitable for the season!!! I hope you will come and visit the virtual studio tour... it is for a great cause and there will be LOTS to see and discover!

So here is just a glimpse of the Golden Birch house... you'll have to wait till Oct 1st to see the whole thing!

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Scratching at the Window said...

Thank you, Sally! It's an honour to have you on board!

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