Friday, August 31, 2012

           ... AND WE HAVE A WINNER !!!!             
   Here is how it was done: as each of the raffle entries arrived, their name was entered into a list with a number beside each entry. An actual paper ticket was then created and given a number...JUST a number. When the deadline arrived, the book was closed and all the tickets were placed inside the Blue moon raffle Faerie house prize.  Then the actual Faerie house with all the tickets (with just the numbers on them) inside was placed out in the moonlight for several hours to get charged up! 

   In the morning, all the tickets were gathered up from the Faerie house and they were placed in a special Blue Moon basket, and at the hour of the Blue Moon with the help of a very excited Faerie Fan, the winning ticket was drawn.

               As you can see, the number 27 is the one which was drawn and when we opened the list book we read that # 27 belonged to Pat in New Jersey, so congratulations Pat!!

But we also have many additional winners to congratulate too!
Here they are:

Winners of a 6 pack of Faerie house greeting cards:
- #3 Jill in Hawaii
- #10 Lynda in Washington
- #16 Pamela in Missouri
- # 18 Cathy in Tennessee
- # 23 Tory in New York

Winners of a DVD were:
- #5 Linnea in Vermont
- #9 Lynda in Washington
- # 11 Deanna in Virginia
- #12 Anna in North Carolina
- # 22 Sunnee in Massachusetts

Winner of the 2013 calendar was:
- #19 Abigail of California

In addition, we have several participants who made multiple entries and they will be getting their prizes as well!!

So thank you everyone who participated. Your prizes will be packed up this week-end and will go out in the mail after the holiday. 

Bright Blessings to everyone and stay tuned... I have a brand new Faerie house development to share with you next week!

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