Friday, September 7, 2012

Blue Moon Raffle wrap up


MJ said...

Thank you for the card! It was a delightful surprise.

m e. said...

I adore your fairy houses . I get tones of inspiration from your site. I live in the woods and always looking at natures design and try to make something from which she has to offer. thank youi

Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist said...

Thank you M E so very much! Yes, the Beauty of this world is never-ending in its variety of inspiration. The Faeries, Elementals and Forest Folk are always happy when we stop to add our own creative expressions to the mix! Keep playing!

Welcome to the enchanted world of Environmental art and Faerie Houses sculptures created by Sally J Smith. Here you will find photos of the artist's unique art-forms and hear some of the stories from behind the scenes as she shares with you her creative process.