Friday, October 26, 2012

In the works

Hi Everyone!

There has been so much going on here its been hard to just catch my breath let alone find time to write much of anything even though there is much to tell, hence the long spaces between postings while I bubble over here in my sanctuary in the woods.  I appreciate that we are all busy these days and since time is so precious I've been champing at the bit to, at the very least get a few minimalist posts out to you. With the big storm coming this week-end and early next week, it looks like I may get the chance to finally catch up with my writing (as long as we don't loose power for too long). I've got lots of photos and fun projects going to share with you

    I've recently completed a truly magical custom Faerie house and can't wait to tell you all about it....for now...just a sneak (night-time) peek:
 The client had several requests she wanted incorporated into the structure and it was a true joy to put it all together for her. I've got some great photos and will put together a tour as well as some commentary on some of the construction methods used....though some things will need to be kept cloaked in secrecy! 

   I'm also beginning to work on the faerie houses for the show in Lake Placid that starts on December 1st. I've got some incredible pieces of very magical wood to use as bases for some fanciful creations which I will show you in the next few days.

  More good news: I've been working hard on and am  very close to releasing 3 new calendars thru Lulu for 2013. As in years past, I'll have a Spirals calendar, an 'Eartherials' calendar and new this year I'm also going to offer a Faerie house calendar of some of my most special Faerie houses. So watch this space as they will be available shortly. It is a lot of work to put these together but I know how much my customers like to give them as gifts and this year I've tried to make them even better... which is challenging because last years selections were so delicious. 

Here, just for you, is the cover-in-progress for the Spirals Calendar:

Here is the story behind the image... this spring just after all the new foliage and spring blossoms had emerged we had a powerful hail storm roll thru the mountains here. It was devastating to see all the new and tender leaves shredded...especially since I know they would be full of holes for the rest of the growing season. It was heartbreaking. 
   The storm left a lot of hail on the ground. I decided to try and make a spiral using the hail but the round beads of ice rolled off each other and would not maintain an easy shape. I mounded up the hail in a stone birdbath that is set in the garden and took some of the brand new maple leaves that had been torn from the branches above to make a spiral. The Vinca was in bloom at the time and some of those blossoms had been knocked off in the storm as well so they went onto the spiral. I took a few photos but the sky was still dark and glowering.... however, this photo turned out well so I decided to make it the cover shot. A few moments after this shot was taken, the sun came out and shone a single beam that landed onto the top of the spiral mound....that photo is on the inside!

    Also under way here at Greenspirit Arts are three other custom Faerie house creations, submissions to various licensing requests, fulfilling card and DVD orders (thank you all so much for your continued support, it helps so much to have these sales!) some painting commissions, of course continued work on my book (yes, that is still in production) as well as some exciting new things that are still in the early stages of development. All of that on top of the usual work required to live simply and close to the land - which means lots of "chores" that need to be done before the snow flies.

    So watch this space, I'll be making more posts soon and will let all my readers know the minute new things become available...and I can't wait to take you on a tour of the latest Faerie is a sweet little place full of surprises and stay tuned and thank you for stopping by!!!

   And for all of you who are under a storm watch awaiting the arrival of "Sandy", may the storm be gentler and kinder than predicted and may all beings be where they need to be to stay safe, warm and dry. Blessings to you all.

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Bonnie Klatt said...

So good to hear of all the positive, creative energy filling your life, Sally. May you be sustained and blessed as you inspire and bless the rest of us!

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