Thursday, October 4, 2012

Autumn news

Greetings Everyone and Happy Autumn!!

It has been so busy here there has been no time to write! I won't be able to share all the news in this one post but here are some highlights!
Just published in Adirondack Life Magazine!

  I am very honored to have this image accepted for Adirondack Life magazine's important "Home" edition which is now available. HERE is their website and as you'll see if you visit there, they have generously incorporated a mini slide show of some of my images on their home page ....definitely a different sort of celebration of the "Adirondack" style!
   The issue is full of wonderful articles and stunning photography so if you've never seen this publication before, give it a try. They do a great service to this area and create a very high-quality magazine. There's always something for everyone in each issue.

 NEW Product and one week left for local showing

   At the Adirondack Art Association Gallery in Essex NY, they are finishing out their final week of the season. If you are in the area of the "West coast" of New York, along the shores of Lake Champlain, be sure to stop by and see the gorgeous art. It is always amazing to see what a creative and professional group of artists live and show in this area and the show that is up now to finish off the year is exceptional. Click HERE to go to their website.

I have at the show two new examples of a 
new kind of creation.... "Framed Faerie
Houses".  It is hard to appreciate them from
these photos (I'll try to get better photos
soon) but these are 3-D Faerie Houses made
with all the care and whimsy that I put into my full size houses, only they are framed
and on a smaller scale. 
   Each of these houses are in 5 x 7 and 3 inch
deep shadowbox frames. Each house does
light up thanks to a single LED battery powered
tea light that magically changes colors. The doors
on these houses do not open but are set with an opalescent glass jewel which lights up when the house is illuminated and you can peek in the window and see inside the house a teenie bit. The house is fully sculpted and made from sections of birch tree branches which are indeed hollow inside. In each creation I make sure that some of the structure of the house pokes outside of the frame, further enhancing the 3-D effect.

    The framed houses can be hung on the wall or also will stand on a table or bookshelf without the need for an additional easel. They are each made with all natural materials with a burnout velvet background to give an Enchanted Forest feel. I created these sculptures for those people who love my larger constructions but who may not have room in their homes for the full sized houses or who may want to send something special to a young Grand-child who lives far away. 

   I can make these as custom creations with your specifications/input if so desired. The framed houses sell for between $150 and $195 depending on lighting, materials and details. They can be personalized and each one is signed and numbered for the collector. Right now there is a waiting list for the personalized versions. Since these are small, shipping is by Priority mail for the flat rate of $15. Very economical and fun! Contact me:                 ( greenspiritarts at < not a link to reduce spam) now to make your reservation for Holiday gift-giving ....only a few slots left.

 Custom Faerie Houses updates:

I am currently working on several custom Faerie houses and more will be entering the pipeline shortly. Here is one which loyal fans may remember from a previous presentation. This house was updated with a magical base from a Buckeye burl which was full of interesting bumps and swirls all made by Nature Herself. Since the house was made from pine-cone scales it seemed appropriate to decorate the landscape with miniature pine-cone "trees". Amethyst colored "jewels" protrude out of the wood as if they were there when the tree root grew around them.

   Special Holiday Art Show announcement - SAVE THE DATE: Dec. 1, 2012  

I have been invited to participate in a very special show at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts called "The Big little art show". I'll post more information as it becomes available but the opening for the show is December 1st and I hope to see you there! The show will feature all original works in miniature made by fellow Adirondack artists of all sorts. This will be a show to celebrate all things small and precious so it is a thrill to be invited to participate and I will have all new works made just for this show on display. Their website is HERE.

Big Book update for Kickstarter supporters: 

   I am still working on the Kickstarter book when time becomes available but progress is still far slower than I had hoped. I just want to re-assure all my generous supporters that there WILL be a book and it is still underway... it is just having to take a back-seat far too frequently. I am hoping that after the December show opens I'll be able to get it back into my regular routine. Part of the challenge is that I have a limited number of pages set aside for the book and as time goes on, new sculptures get created and I want to include them in the book project too....but that means I have to let others go.... a terrible "Sophie's Choice" situation and as a result, much remains unsettled as the creative season is fully underway with my other sculptural works. 
    So, yes it is still in progress and yes I want to be complete with it soon...but it is still "under construction", so to speak and I thank everyone who has been so generous with their support and patience.

    So those are some of the highlights. We've had a very wet fall here the past 2-3 weeks and it has not been very good weather for creating sculptures outdoors, but tomorrow we are supposed to get some morning sun. So, the canoe is on the car roof, some Faerie houses are in the car as is my tool kit and camera gear....hopefully I can get some shots taken tomorrow before the rains return for the week-end....fingers crossed!

Bright Blessings to you all!

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