Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fund-raising project for Sandy recovery

A NEW calendar for hurricane Sandy relief fund-raising!

Hi Everyone! By now we've all seen the unimaginable devastation caused by super-storm Sandy. Having gone thru Irene I have a sense of what people are facing...except for us we had warmer weather, less damage and survival tools better suited for rough living...my heart and prayers go out to all who have been so deeply affected by this massive storm.

To help raise funds I've created this calendar:

All the images are of Faerie houses. The meadow grass border represents the strands of community that are being re-woven that hold all the people together as they rebuild. The torn window frame represents how torn and ragged the people are feeling now... but inside that window is a glimpse of tranquility...the sense of "HOME" that we all hold so dear, only in this case the homes are Faerie houses! Sharp viewers will also notice that each image contains the element of water in some way. This is a reminder that while living near the water can be beautiful, it can also be dangerous, especially now in a changing climate. However, water is also healing and cleansing and hopefully this calendar will bring both to you and yours.

    They will make an excellent gift this holiday season because you can give the gift of beauty while supporting worthy causes. 100% of the profits will be split and go to the Red Cross and regional SPCA. Each calendar sale raises just a bit over $5.00, in case you were wondering. I'm not going to be discounting this calendar because I want as much $ as possible to go to the relief efforts, however if Lulu is ever having a sale, I'll try to let you know.... they never announce in advance when the sales are going to happen and the sale price does not reduce the contribution amount.

     You can see a preview of the calendar HERE.

Thank you so much for supporting this effort and any other ways you are able to contribute to the recovery...it is going to take a very long time to clean this mess up.

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