Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Discount coupons from Lulu

Hi Everyone,

Lulu is currently running two coupon offers which you can use for ANY of my calendars which are printed by them. Each coupon code can only be used ONCE however, so plan carefully.

The first offer is a straight 20% off your total order of calendars. The coupon code to apply at your checkout is :     MEMORIES20            
This offer is currently listed as good till November 30th 2012.

The second offer is a graduated savings offer:
buy 1-9 copies and get 20% off
buy 10-19 copies and get 25% off
buy 20 or more copies and get 30% off

This offer is good till November 23rd, 2012

Coupon code for this offer is CHRONICLE

PLEASE NOTE: don't wait till the deadline if you want to use these offers....Lulu has been known to pull their offers before the deadline arrives... it is unfortunate but they have done it before.

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