Friday, March 22, 2013

Miniature Stonework

Hi Everyone,


A stonemason who's work I really admire, a lovely man from Ireland named Sunny, invited me to make a contribution to his blog recently. He was writing about miniature stonework and had seen some of my Faerie Houses which featured stone construction. I was incredibly flattered because his work is so extraordinary, so naturally I said "Yes, thank you!"

It has just been published and you can read it HERE if you like... enjoy!!

There are some incredible miniature stacked stone pieces and some sweet miniature stone walls and a bridge that is really amazing. If you do drop by, please leave him a comment...he likes to hear from readers. And, if you are into stones, walling or using stone in unusual and creative ways, his blog has incredibly inspiring links and stories. If you want to see some wonderfully creative stone garden structures, you can visit his website HERE or go directly to his unique sculptures page HERE have fun exploring!

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Valerianna said...

congratulations... great!

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