Wednesday, April 3, 2013

NEW Card Designs needing YOUR input!

Greetings Everyone and Happy Spring!

Along with the birds and blossoms, I've got some new images "springing up" to share with you! 

For a long time now I've been dreaming about how to present my images in a softer, more "painterly" presentation while not loosing sight of the fact that my sculptures are indeed REAL as the photographs show. I could "see" in my minds eye the direction I wanted to go but I didn't have the computer skills to create the images as I was visualizing them. The great thing about this connected world we live in is there are always new things to learn and plenty of teachers out there who can help! So I did some research, found some tutorials online that showed me some basic techniques and tools that I could adapt and I began some experimentation. It has been a steep climb on the learning curve, but it feels good to try new things!

I'm having so much fun layering in the colors and effects. I still have SO much to learn... these are just baby steps towards what I originally "saw" in my imagination, but they have the feeling of fun and whimsey that I'm trying to build into the frame of the image.

Here is one example:

If you'd like to see more of the images I've been working on, just click on the
New Greeting cards designs at the top of the blog page and you can see 15 new images. If you'd like to take the poll, I'm asking viewers to vote for their favorite 7 images. This will give me valuable feedback as to the types of styles you enjoy most.

I focused mainly on Faerie House images for now but there are a few Environmental sculpture images as well in the poll -  be assured, more of these images are definitely in development!

If you'd like to make any specific comments about any particular design, please do so at the bottom of the new designs page or you can always email me directly. Please remember that comments are screened first so you won't see them immediately published on the blog after you type them in. I have to do this to keep the Trolls under the bridge where they belong! :-)

The poll will be open till noon, Eastern time on April 21st. I don't know if Blogger will allow you to vote more than once so make your selections carefully! The designs that get the most votes will be in the first batch to be published! 

 The other good news (for my Kickstarter book backers) is that these techniques are the ones I've been needing to get my book project underway that is moving forward now as well!

Thanks Everyone and Happy Spring to you!

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