Monday, April 8, 2013

Last Dance of the Snow Faeries

Greetings Everyone,

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    I have chosen several of the images from the selection and the good folks at    are working on getting the first set of proofs done... can't wait to see them!

   At the end of last month we had what may be our last snow of the season. It's always tricky to predict the last snow because we can get it here even when the grass is green...but for now, this last snow seemed to be a final gift from the Snow Faeries. I decided to celebrate with a simple sculpture in my stone circle, much the way the winter had begun.

The blanket of snow was not deep but it was lovely. The circle beckoned. I chose to enter from the South gate and I knew that the usual labyrinth pattern that I am accustomed to making would not fit in this smaller space so I made a mental adjustment and hoped it would work. I held the pattern in my mind's eye and walked it out... and was delighted to have it JUST fit in the space!

The next day it got warmer and the snow thinned...enough to allow the trodden path to now begin to melt faster than the fallen snow. It looked great in the brilliant afternoon light.

Later that night when all was still and the stars were brilliantly twinkling overhead, moonlight bathed the space in a glorious light. I went out and took off my boots and walked the path barefoot as a way to say thank you to the Earth and the season. When I returned home, I turned on the Fairy lights for a few minutes and enjoyed a cup of cocoa on the deck looking down onto the circle below. 

So dear Snow Faeries...thank you for your many Blessings this season. The winters are definitely getting milder and there is less snow from one year to the makes me feel a great sadness to see this change in the Earth's cycles. It seems impossible that humans are so unable to see what we have done to this fragile, beautiful planet... all I can do is hold both the sadness and the Beauty in my heart and continue to try and live with as small an impact as possible...and do my art when and where I can.


Suzanne said...

Thank you for sharing! Love it

Suzanne said...

Thank you for sharing. Love it

Anonymous said...

How beautiful......

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