Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day special offer

Greetings Everyone and Good Earth Day to you all!

  I've been so busy getting ready for spring and spring-time creations and now it is nearly here! Part of that process has been cleaning out closets and making some unexpected discoveries. Some of you may not know but before I started my Environmental art sculptures, I was a watercolour painter. (yes I still use the English spelling for that word)  In my closet-cleaning I discovered a package of Fine Art prints that I had made ages ago, an image called "Advent of Spring"  which you can see here:

 I decided to celebrate Earth Day by offering these prints at an incredible discount. I'm selling them in ebay and also directly to my fans here for less than the wholesale price.  This print is perfect for children's rooms and also for anyone wishing to re-connect with Nature or anyone recovering from illness. I've had several clients who were recovering from cancer tell me that this print helped them in their healing. 
     The image is infused with my symbols for renewal and regeneration... as well as new growth. Here is a portion of my blurb from the ebay lisiting:

    The image depicts the Spirit of Spring returning to the land. She has the feeling of a Native American woman but she is the embodiment of Spring, with her butterfly wing skirt and wildflower decorations on her dress. She carries a staff and a shield. On the staff is an Isis crystal (a symbol of regeneration) and a pair of Robin songbirds (a universal sign of spring in the animal world). The feathers of Eagle, Red-tailed Hawk and Turkey adorn the staff as well. On her shield she carries a summer-time vision of the valley ahead of her which currently is deep in snow. The shield is decorated with feathers of the Tundra Swan and Great Horned Owl. In her footprints, spring flowers are bursting forth. A gentle rabbit (another universal symbol for spring) is sheltering at her feet. A full moon hovers in the distance over the snow-covered mountains that are just warming to the glow of sunrise.

    If you would like a print you can contact me directly or go thru the ebay system and just search on "Advent of Spring" to find the latest buy-it-now listing. The price is $42 plus shipping. There is a very limited number of these prints...once they are gone, they're gone!

   I have several more very exciting announcements to make and will do so this week...please stay tuned.

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