Monday, May 13, 2013

Greetings Everyone,

    Spring seems to be here at last. Things have been incredibly chaotic and unpredictable here. We had 2-3 weeks of heat and drought. All the springtime wildflowers came and went exceptionally quickly this year. Bird migrations seems to be mixed up and everyone is over-worked and edgy. Time for some relaxing spiral images to start the week off on a more centered note.

   Here are a succession of images from a spiral I built last week. Later this week I have some nice full moon images which I need to process...but I'll post them soon... the Pussy-willow experiment worked! Until then, enjoy the calming effect of gentle Springtime spirals made with fern fiddleheads, pussywillows, Vinca, wild Violets and some pretty foliage.


Thanks for stopping by and may your week be productive and filled with unexpected Beauty.

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