Thursday, April 25, 2013


Greetings Everyone,

Spring is finally here and the busy season has begun...well, it never really ended, did it?!

I'll have more details on each of these projects as they come closer to release date but I wanted to let you know what's been cooking here. In no particular order:

- I'm delighted to report that an image I painted for a puzzle company that I've worked with for many years is now finally out and available!  Here is the image and if you want to order a puzzle just click HERE.

- my own book project can FINALLY start moving forward again. I had some huge challenges with my computer system and actually LOST 2+ years worth of images...YIKES! But a very kind angel stepped in and managed to magically enchant them out of a broken hard-drive so now I have them back. In addition I had to get 3 new hard drives and reconfigure my entire back-up system so that now I have triple redundancy. I'm almost finished with this huge task and once it is completed I'll be able to get back to the book...which I'm eager to finish.

- I've signed on with a very nice publisher who will be producing a 2014 calendar which will be about Faerie Houses and Gardens. More on that when we get closer to publication

- I've also been invited to contribute to what will surely be a very magical book project. As you may recall, I had to carefully consider the project because they did not pay their contributors. (Something which I think is not right) but... as my art biz coach pointed out, could I NOT be in the book?  So, for 2 weeks I worked on gathering up images that would be appropriate for the project, writing my bits and blurbs and putting the whole package together. I'm told that the book should be out sometime in 2014... YOU will hear all about it when there are any updates to report.

- I am very excited and thrilled to report that a major publisher of calendar and other fine paper products has agreed to publish my Faerie Houses calendars and hopefully more. I can't reveal the details just yet but I can say that this publisher is the one I have always wanted to work with right from the very beginning. They do outstanding work and have the highest level of Environmental awareness with a strong spiritual foundation that is respectful of all Beings. It is a deep honor to be associated with their company and I can't wait to see what we create together. I'll tell you more as soon as I am able....but it is a huge step forward and hopefully we can go far together.

 Now I'm off to work with some Pussywillows and hopefully make something magical for the full moon rising tonight. The weather may not provide a clear evening but I'm going to try and create something just in case it clears up in time.

Meanwhile, a couple of spring time images from the archives. 

Bright Blessings Everyone!

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