Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lunar Eclipse of Spring

At this moment as I write a cold rain has been pounding the forest for 2 days. A big tree just went down... the water-logged soil unable to hold it firm in the winds. A lunar eclipse has just occurred and even though it is the end of May, heavy snow is in the forecast. 

   It is easy to feel uneasy when things are not as we expect they should be, as we think they could be... as we wish they would be. 

   In times like these it is important to recall that we are all children of the Earth, Sky and wind. That the waters of the sea flow in our bodies too. That we are part of this Earth that is so magical and mysterious. The same fabric that binds the world together holds us in its embrace too. The important thing is to not let go, to not give in... to the fear, the worry, the doubt. Every one of us has a purpose. Everyone of us has a reason for being here. Every one of us has something good to contribute. 

   In honor of this Mystery I made a simple Vesica Pisces sculpture from the flowers that were in their fullness (and when things were warmer) just a few days ago. I built the sculpture on a slab of blue-green slate... a special kind of stone that spoke to me of the ancientness of the Earth itself as it supports and nourishes us all. I made the sculpture out of flowers and their sweet fragrance filled the air. I added water... just enough to bring magic and flow into the piece... and finally I invited the sun to come and sit in the middle of the space and illuminate everything with Light and Love. All the elements together in a singularity that is about duality and the Ultimate unity that comes from embracing "The Other"... and the space that opens up in the middle when there is acceptance.

   This piece is my gift to all those who are suffering right now... and since the Buddha said "To be born is to suffer" then this piece is dedicated to All Beings who have been born and who are here now.

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Anonymous said...

Once again, thank you Sally!


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