Monday, August 12, 2013

Life is/as a Dancing circle

Hi Everyone, 

  What a long, intense stretch of time this summer has been! For the most part it has either been incredibly busy and full with work, great new opportunities (& deadlines) or there was welling up in me a great desire for deep inner stillness and quietude.  One of the quotes I've enjoyed sharing this season has been : " Speak only when it can improve upon the silence."  So these polarities have kept me busy and quiet for many weeks now.

   The world spins wildly these days. The wired-wireless-world hums with more intensity than ever before and like an insolent, spoiled child it seems to demand that we pay attention to it... or ELSE! For awhile I went along believing that I HAD to participate or I'd lose out or get left "behind" somewhere, side-lined and invisible. This belief, it turns out is unfounded.

   I have so much news to share I hardly know where to begin. some highlights are these:

 * A 2014 calendar is now out. (I'll tell you more about each of these items shortly)

* I have a new publisher that I will be working with in the future and I cannot be more excited... they are the company I've always wanted to partner with and now we've made it official... more on that soon!

* There will be a new Faerie Houses jigsaw puzzle coming out later this year with some new images never before published

* I have a new line of greeting cards about to be released that use my sculptural work as a basis for a more graphic look coupled with thoughtful quotes on the back of each new image. I've been working on these for many months and am really excited to share them with you.

* I have a whole bunch of new Faerie house images/constructions and their stories to share. I've been so focused on deadlines and the uncooperative weather that there has been scant time to write as well, so there is a backlog of images

* Mountain Lakes PBS has decided to extend the piece they did with me 18 months ago so we are now doing some summertime shoots with new narratives to extend the piece to fill a full 30 minute time slot!

And there is more news beyond this as well, but for now, the Dancing circle of Life feels as if it has been opened up to full and maximum intensity these past few months. It occurred to me that I could make a sculpture to illustrate just how it has felt here, so I give to you the "Dancing Circle of Life" - a sacred place of magic, joy and delight. More stories and images will be shared soon... until then...let us each find our own rhythms and steps and make the most of the gift of each moment. The Circle is open and welcomes us all in!

Bright Blessing to All


Anonymous said...

Hi Sally,
welcome back! I missed your posts and look forward to reading about all your news!
I agree that silence is often a real blessing.

Valerianna said...

Nice to get the updates, thanks! And, yes, this internet web can entangle us if we aren't mindful. I'm less on here, too, this summer. Blessings to you.

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