Monday, December 16, 2013

NEW Greetings cards are now available!!

Hi Everyone!

  It is nearly the Solstice and the Holiday season is now in full swing for so many folks.  I have some brand new cards to welcome the New year!

  You can go to my website to see the new additions to the Faerie Houses cards, the Eartherial cards and a new line of boxed cards called "Expressions". 

There are 12 NEW Faerie house cards in two collections. The "Woodland Magic" collection feature some of the popular green and mossy-type creations from this summer as well as some favorites from previous summers. The "Flights of Fancy" collection features my most extravagant faerie houses, many of them custom-crafted designs set out in glorious natural settings.  

There is also a new collection of Spirals images now available as well which is called "Seasonal Spirals". I've had numerous requests from folks who purchased my Spirals Calendar to also make some of the images available as greeting cards, so that is what I have done!

And finally a very new product line called "Expressions". These cards have a fresh new look by combining my images with delicate, layered graphic "frames" for each image. The image and frame relate to a theme which is also placed on the front of the card in a single word or phrase such as "Harmony" or "Peace". On the back of the card you will find an expressive quote or poem which reflects both the image and the theme word on the front.  All of the cards "fit" together in terms of graphics and colour ranges so that the entire group is a harmonious whole - which is important because the cards are sold as boxed sets, two of each image for a total of 12 cards per box.
   Because we live in busy times, these cards offer a bit more focused expression for those who want to send a card to loved ones and friends where the card itself already carries a particular message. And because some of us have less time than we'd like, I am offering the cards in a new smaller, note-card version for those times when you want to send a quick card of support and connection. 
   The boxes are very simple, made of recycled paper stock in a warm sepia brown with a window cut-out to show the top card of the group. (Product image will be up soon on the website).  For now, these cards are only available in the boxed sets but if a customer wants to get just a 6 card set, contact me and I can get that to you.

    The new cards will start shipping next week.

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