Saturday, December 14, 2013

secret Santa SALE on Calendars Dec. 14 & 15

Hi Everyone!

  I've just received word from Lulu that their 30% off sale is ON again. Just enter :

#decktheshelf   in the coupon code box. Some customers have had been able to use the discount code more than once but I cannot confirm it.  This discount is good for Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th only.  You can click HERE to go to my storefront and see all the calendars.

   It has gotten really cold here and we have a serious snowstorm knocking on our door so winter is really here now even though we've not yet had the Solstice. I had some fun last week and made a berry spiral from some high-bush cranberries in my garden.

I wonder if you can guess where I made the spiral? 

If I back up from the spiral a bit more can you guess?

As I was taking the photos, it began to snow and the festive spiral got dusted with a sprinkling of sugar snow!

It looked so pretty! Unfortunately the sun set and the light dimmed too much for me to get very many more photos.

What happened is that the pond froze with absolutely clear ice. It was amazing because you could see frogs and tadpoles and all manner of water life swimming about under the ice. I thought frogs went to sleep in the mud but I saw three of them swimming around in the very green pond weeds. It was VERY challenging to my brain to go out on the ice and make this spiral...all my reflexes were telling me this was dangerous, I was going to fall in, etc. But the ice was over 2 inches thick yet it was perfectly clear. It was a great challenge and I loved how the berry spiral seemed to be hovering in least before the snow started. Once the snow came down, it fused with the ice and the next day the transparency was completely gone, so I'm glad I went with the momentary inspiration when it struck. 

    After I was finished, I remembered an encounter I had in the very same pond this past summer. I made a spiral with sunflowers and when the spiral floated out into the sunshine, a frog came to inspect it. I used the image in my new Spirals calendar.



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