Monday, January 20, 2014

Procrastinator's rewards

We all do it.... without meaning to time and opportunities can slip past us like silvery trout in a dark river - glinting and magical when we first encounter them, but difficult to catch once we miss the moment.

For anyone who was unable to take advantage of the good sale discounts offered by Lulu on my calendars in early December, there is good news. For anyone who wanted to get a few more calendars for birthday-giving or was needing a replacement because Aunt Susie saw yours and just HAD to have it (and you being the generous soul that you are gifted your only remaining copy to her), there is good news! Lulu has just informed me that they are offering a very nice discount once more. Please note, this discount applies to the calendars only.

From now till January 26th you can get 30% off on any of my Lulu calendars. Just use this code in the coupon box:  14CAL30  and that should bring a smile in this season of cold temps and blustery winds.  Here is a link to my Lulu storefront where you can fin all the calendars on one webpage.

Happy fishing Everyone!

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