Sunday, January 12, 2014

Turbulence - a non sculpture related post

Greetings Everyone,
    There seems to be a direct reflection between the stormy, unstable weather outside and the wildly fluctuating state of my computer(s) in my studio/office. As the year drew to an end, my good & faithful workhorse of a computer began to give out long last. I had a few sporadic days of use to collect back-ups of various files that I wanted to save but eventually the unit was struggling so badly that I had to disconnect it and let it "rest".
    Outside we had fits of regular cold then wildly warm and raining, then plunging deep freezes once more. I spent days just keeping up with the ice on the driveway, which had turned into an Olympic class Luge or Bobsled run. (My driveway is a long, winding and steep variety so upkeep is essential for emergency vehicles should they need to get up here.) So things were chaotic outside and in... and with the crash of my computer, so went my email. (living in the woods means I have not yet moved my email to the web or the cloud so I've been unable to reply if you've tried to contact me ... deep apologies if this has happened to you.

    But I had the gift of a second computer waiting in the wings and after making the plunge and starting to set it up, things seemed to be improving. And so did the weather...finally we had a few days of stable temps and it was not bitter cold outside either. I got caught up on supplies, wood and more sand for the ice. But today it began to rain...and while this may seem normal winter weather to some, it is very unusual for what we think of as "winter". And, as if on cue, the internal "weather" went bad too.... the second computer started crashing so after a third day of trying to get it online, I've had to give up and throw in the towel. Tomorrow I call in the guy on the white horse... hopefully he can make it up the hill and get the new unit to come to life. Fingers crossed.

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