Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy May Day!!

Happy May Day Everyone!

  Even though the calendar says it is supposed to be high spring, here in the northwoods we are about 2 weeks behind. Still, today is finally a bit warm and it feels like spring is just around the corner!

  A quick update on the Golden Lotus house that went up for auction a wee while ago. The lucky winner, a lovely woman named Cara from Colorado allowed me the chance to hold the house for a little while till I could take some outdoor shots once the snows had receded. What a lovely act of trust and understanding! I did manage to find a bit of moss along a stream bank but it looked rather simple...

 Another week passed and the Snowdrops in my neighbors garden burst forth and were very tempting, but we had cold, grey skies for many days. Finally, some sun came out and I dashed down and set up the house... and I think this was worth waiting for! So thank you Cara for allowing me the extra time! This image may be used in the next calendar!
 Happy May Day Everyone!!

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