Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Pearwood house

Hi Everyone,

   Here is a new house. I call it the Pearwood house for two reasons, first the shape and then the wood itself which I think is either a Pear or Apple tree remnant. I found the piece washed up on the shores of the river after the big flood. It was just the ring of wood around a hole which was left. It took me two years to figure out how to make something with this piece.
 There needed to be a window so I found another similar piece of fruitwood that needed to be carved quite a bit so it could attach to the front of the house. Pine scales were used to give a decorative shingled effect and a curl of thick Birch bark was added to echo the decorative finials at the top of the house.

The main thing was the door. I wanted something really beautiful. I had a small but gorgeous piece of reddish birch bark that had been found submerged in a peaty bog years ago. It was a very special pice and it made a glorious door. The whole door was trimmed with twigs from alpine White birch which often grow in twisted ways due to the harsh conditions up in the mountains.

 But where would it lead? I decided it would go just to a simple, one room house.

 A flat back was added. 

The whole house hangs from a concealed frame loop. 

When you remove the stick the back folds down to reveal the interior of the magical room.

 There are lights inside and out ( will need to get photos of that someday soon) and the wee tiny Fairy bed was a particular joy to make..

 it is really tiny, as you can see.

   The house was a lot of fun to make and while there were a lot of technical challenges, I loved finally using this lovely piece of wood.


claude said...

une maison pleine de charme

Jennifer Star said...

Sally, your level of craftsmanship has really grown and developed masterfully in the creation of your fairie houses. Beautifully done. Love all the special pieces that found their way into this home. ...J*

Anonymous said...

Really special!!!I love it!


Anonymous said...

Love how such care was taken creating a truly unique and magical piece from Mother Nature's little treasures!

Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist said...

Thank you all so very much! This piece is so special that I have kept it in my permanent collection. When I bring it to shows, it is often everyone's favorite. Thank you for your kind comments! - Sally

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