Thursday, June 26, 2014

Flower Power and more!

Hi Everyone!

    I hope you are having fun following along with the painting updates as I show how I created the Faerie Glen image. 
Here is where we left off:

 and here is the next stage in the development: 

there are a lot of additions here as you can see! The flowers in the foreground have been realized. That took two full days alone! The leaf-covered gazebo is now taking shape... that took another 12 hours or so. And the waterfall behind it is now flowing and lovely with the surrounding stones and backdrop of irises in full bloom all backlit by the bright daylight sun... that took, gosh I don't even remember how long that all took, probably another 2-3 long days! But as you can see we are getting close to the finish line!! Stay tuned, we are almost done!

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