Friday, June 27, 2014

Nearly there....

Hi Everyone,

   Here we are nearly at the end of the painting process for the Faerie Glen image. 
We left off at this stage: 

and now here we are nearly complete:  

What you can hopefully see in this image is that now I am shifting to the background to take care of those details. There are some people emerging up on the footbridge and some far distant trees above them. The rhododendron tree at the edge of the footbridge has its foliage in place now and fern-covered tree on the right is getting more attention as is the magical Faerie palace inside the roots of that tree. Also, the individual leaves are all getting painted on the ivy that runs up the willow tree. 
     There is still a lot to get done.... the middle area has a lot of plantings of various kinds of flowers and foliage that need to be defined and the underside of the footbridge needs finishing. Then the rhodi flowers will be added. And I have to attend to the windows and door area of the Willow house and finish all those details and hours and hours of time will be taken up on the flying insects and making final adjustments... but the next image will pull it all together! 

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