Friday, March 20, 2015

Announcing a new (Art) project and making an invitation to participate

Greetings Everyone and Happy Spring!

  Crossing the Equinox threshold is always a matter of Faith here in my part of the world. It rarely feels like spring even though the calendar says it is so. Today is no exception. It is cold out, in the high 20's with crusty hard snow everywhere. BUT, the birds have changed their tune and the sun is riding very high and strong in the sky these soon the land will soften into muddy roads and we'll all be straining our ears to hear to hear the first little frogs of spring in the dusky twilight.

  Recently I received a wonderful gift from some friends far away. Their gift has become a seed of a project I want to begin today and I am looking for willing participants who would like to be part of a fun project. Here is the idea:

     The project is called a "A (very large) Stone Circle "

The Circle will begin with one of these stones which started their journey in Japan.  This stone will be called the Journey stone and will travel, hopefully around the world with a Companion stone in small steps from one destination to the next. When the package of the two stones arrives at the new destination, the Companion stone will be placed in the new environment and a new Companion will be joined with the original Journey Stone to move on to the next destination, where the process is repeated. 
   For this project to work I need willing volunteers who love stones, the idea of adventure and connecting with far away places.  Each volunteer must be willing to receive the package of two stones with respect and care. You will be asked to make the exchange of the Companion Stone with a new Companion a stone from your part of the world. You get to keep the Companion stone that comes to you, but you must send the Journey stone out with a new Companion stone to its next destination. All I ask is for you to document the exchange some how.... either with a photo of the site where the Companion stone now resides, or a photo of the place where your Companion stone came from or some other creative way of marking this exchange. Then you will send the package on to the next destination. I ask that you also send your documentation(s) of the exchange to me so I can keep track and report on the progress of the stone's journey either via snail mail or in an email.  In addition, I ask that you send some small note related to the project in the box along with the two stones as they take the next leg of the Journey. You get to keep the Companion stone that comes to you, but I ask that all the accumulating notes stay with the stones so each new recipient can read all the notes about the journey so far.

    I will curate this project by coordinating who is next on the list. Your personal address will be known only to me and to the person you are receiving the stones from and the person you send the stones to, as you will need to put your return address on the package. I need people who are willing to do this and keep the stones moving across the globe. You may be asked to ship them to an overseas destination but the stones will not be too large so the expense will not be too much. 

   I will collect all the photos and notes that you send to me about your personal experience... plus all the photos of all the stones, so you need to be able to either take a photo or draw a picture of the stone you will be sending out. I'll map the project and create a special place here on this blog where we can all follow along.

   If you want to participate, please contact me to sign up. I'll get the directions for what you need to do sorted out and send them to you. If you agree, your name will be put on the list. This could be a fun project for all who want to participate and for those who want to "watch" as well.  Please contact me if you are interested in participating and we will get rolling soon!!

  Happy Spring everyone! New beginnings and New adventure await us all!


Jacquelineand.... said...

Sounds like a lovely sort of project!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I can't partecipate but I think it's a wonderful project!

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