Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy Solstice!!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Solstice!

Who knew that rainbows were hidden in feathers? I had created this piece to work with both the northern-most point where the sun sets and a special conjunction of the moon with 2 other planets. Yesterday we were blessed with a very clear day. Since rain was forecast for the actual Solstice, this may be as close as I get to marking the moment. As I was taking this photo, I thought I saw rainbows in the feathers but I figured it was just the bright light making my eyes see things...but when I processed the image there they were! Dancing rainbows of the Solstice!

Then, later that night as twilight deepened, the moon and two sparkling planets (Venus and Jupiter) emerged from the darkening sky and I got to capture that moment as well. I had hoped for fireflies, but it was very chilly and so no fireflies were airborne...still, it was a very magical evening.

Wishing Everyone a magical and meaningful Solstice!

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