Thursday, June 25, 2015

Humbled and Honored

Greetings Everyone!

   Like so many other things in life, artist's love for the spotlight falls on a spectrum: some artists crave the attention and seem to do anything just to say "Hey, look at me!" while others prefer to remain in quiet seclusion being unencumbered by media coverage to simply get on with their work. Yet, as anyone knows in this connected age, an artist's career is based not just on the caliber of their work but also on their ability to reach others and touch some secret, hidden place in the viewers heart and make a connection... and the web has helped many to do just that. Thanks to this electronic era more people like myself can enjoy the quietude of their chosen creative spaces yet still connect with people all over the globe. That said, we shy types still have to learn to step into an opportunity when they arise and that isn't always easy.

   A few weeks ago, I got a very kind and thoughtful invitation and said "yes" not really knowing what an honor it was just to have been chosen for the article that was being put together by the lovely folks at However, now that the article is out I am truly humbled to have my work placed alongside the work of other Land Artists whom I've admired for years. It feels a bit surreal to say the least. While I don't know any of these artists personally, I have great respect for all the imaginative ways they have chosen to engage with the landscape and make something from practically nothing... we are all conjurers it seems! What we also seem to share in addition to a deep reverence for the landscapes in which we work, is the desire to have our work inspire others to care for the plight of the planet and its diminishing resources and wild places. I love the common thread of wanting the work to do more than just BE...we want our work to MOVE people towards understanding that we are a part of nature and that we all must resolve to make better choices in our daily lives to protect our beautiful world before it is too late.

   It really is an honor to have been chosen for this article and I feel so grateful to be included. Special thanks to Brittany and Jessie for their patience and perseverance!

   So HERE is the article and in case that link doesn't work here is the URL 

Cheers, Everyone!

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