Monday, June 8, 2015

Meanwhile, out in the garden....

SPRING is happening!

  What a blur of activity it has been around here! As with so many people who live close to the land know, late May and early June are the times when you work long and hard and it has been no exception here. A lot of behind-the-scenes stuff that MUST be done, most of it to do with the gardens and getting ready for the busy season ahead...the season of making Faerie Houses and other outdoor art, that is!  I've been out scouting locations and it just amazes me how much the landscape changes from year to year, when you're really paying close attention to it. Places that were full of wildflowers last year are curiously without them this year. Places that had abundant moss in years past are now so overgrown with shrubs and other plants that the moss has become practically invisible. OR the harsh winter killed off the beds that were less sheltered and more exposed to the drying winds. It is like the woods are all re-made in different textures and I have to look at everything with fresh eyes. It keeps me in the moment, that is for sure!

  And to celebrate the explosion of vibrant colour we've had in the gardens recently (thanks to the very late April showers that didn't get here till the end of May), it seems fitting to select a particularly bright and sunny creation, the Sunflower Cottage!

This little beauty has loads of fun features... the roof comes off to reveal a sunflower extravaganza of decorations inside and there are LED lights to illuminate the porch when twilight arrives (still waiting to get those images!) but this little cutie is just bursting with Springtime cheer. I hope to share more of the details about this house in the future... when there is more time to write!

  Hope Everyone is enjoying a sweetly-scented and exuberant spring!

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