Friday, September 18, 2015

A little respite from this crazy world

  Greetings Everyone,

   Just about everyone I know has spoken lately of how difficult the last few weeks have been. And for some it has been since mid-summer that life has seemed particularly challenging. I can agree.

   When things get dense and heavy, and everything seems so dramatic and big, it is easy for me to question the work that I do in terms of is it valid? Wanting to be of service in some way is an important aspect of my work. Always I want to be creating in service to this beautiful world we all share, that is a given. But also I think most artists want to know if they are connecting with their audience and are they adding value to people's essence, does their work "matter" to someone other than themselves?

  Today, as I mourn the personal loss of two dear friends who both died in the last 2 weeks, and the collective loss we are all experiencing thru the ravages of fire, drought, displaced people who are desperate for a safe place to live, and a million other assaults on the psyche - I got a lovely note from a follower of my work. And that small gesture of kindness let me know that there is something in these images that can be a safe haven for the soul. And for me, that has meant EVERYTHING as I re-orient my inner compass away from self-doubt and towards radical trust.

   Yesterday I finally had the chance to photograph a house I made awhile ago. I had been waiting for just the right place and conditions to get these images and yesterday it all came together. There's a bit of a story to tell, as usual, but for now, I'll just skip to the end and share with you a bit of the magical tranquility that( I hope) I captured at the very end of the day....may it be a balm if you need it, and a simple pleasure for the part of us that longs to re-connect to the Beauty of this world. Please click on the image for a larger view if you like.

  Blessed Be.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sally,

I'm really sorry for your loss.
You must never ever think that your work is not important!
I'm sure it's very helpful to so many people!
Your work is a shining and peaceful place in the middle of
problems and sorrows.
So don't give up!


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